Will the Celtics Buy Out Paul Pierce?

Celtics have been recently rumored to be considering waiving Paul Pierce. The team captain and longest tenured Celtic is scheduled to receive $15 million in 2013-14; the last year of his contract.

With no certainty this past month whether head coach Doc Rivers and team co-star Kevin Garnett would be back, the prevailing sentiment that buying out “The Truth” and allowing to sign on with a contender had quite a bit of merit.

Now that word of Kevin Garnett’s impending return coupled with rumblings from the Celtics front office suggest that; perhaps the team may bring the group together for one last hurrah. This last season together would not necessarily mean a deep playoff run; as team president Danny Ainge has stated for the record that the team is more than one move away from contending again.

Rivers and Garnett returning are no guarantees that the same will be afforded to Pierce. Possessing a contract that is only guaranteed for $5 next season, the contract alone (along with more than respectable big game skills) might draw interest from other teams in a trade; or possibly have the Celtics reward their scoring great with freedom to chase a title with another team.

The Celtics have until June 30 to make a buyout decision on Pierce. Many more possibilities may present themselves by then that will more clearly define Pierce’s future.


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